Trust and Estate Services

Trust and Estate Services

Bridging the gap between generations, efficiently and diplomatically.

We help families like yours with some of the most emotionally charged decisions you’ll ever have to face – from the care of a loved one, to the planning and execution of your estate. Whether it’s paying bills, managing property, selling international assets, or liaising with beneficiaries, we work together to simplify the inherent complexities of wealth, crafting professional, collaborative solutions that ensure your family is protected today, and always.


Estate Planning & Administration

  • Comprehensive planning to transition your wealth to the next generation

  • Fiduciary expertise to administer trusts professionally and objectively

  • Asset protection and tax strategies to help maximize your family’s wealth over time

  • Guidance on managing assets and family members in more than one jurisdiction

Estate & Trust Services

  • enCircle concierge services to fully manage personal and financial responsibilities (e.g., aging parents, bill payments, investment management, consolidated statements)

  • Attorney for Property, Executor, Trustee, or Court-appointed Representative

  • Agent services to assist with tax compliance issues

  • Estate litigation representation

  • Living, Family and Testamentary Trusts

  • Escrow agent in M&A deals, with ability to grow escrow funds while in custody