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New ways to manage your money

Fee Based and Managed Accounts

BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program®
Introducing the next evolution of managed accounts - The BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program is a new kind of managed account solution - a unified managed account (UMA). We are proud to say that we are the first in Canada to launch a full-featured, open architecture UMA.

Some of the Architecture Program benefits include:
  • Simplicity - one set of client documentation, one account, one fee, one performance reporting package

  • Strategic asset allocation

  • Automatic rebalancing

  • Better risk management

  • Intelligent cash management, including contributions, withdrawals and income requirements

  • Enhanced tax management: avoidance of superficial losses and automatic tax loss harvesting

  • Manager and style diversification at lower minimums
BMO Nesbitt Burns Advance®
The Advance Program combines BMO Nesbitt Burns’ exceptional services with those of leading independent Investment Managers – managers who are generally beyond the reach of individual investors, offering their services only to pension funds and other very large accounts. All portfolios in the Advance Program are individually managed and are customized to take into account your individual circumstances and tax issues. Available to investors with a minimum account size of $150,000, Advance will appeal to the discriminating investor concerned about flexibility, comprehensive reporting, and performance.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Blueprint Program
The BluePrint Program combines the research and portfolio management expertise of BMO Nesbitt Burns. This allows clients to take full advantage of Canada's top research department through North American Equity and Fixed Income portfolios that are tailored to their specific needs.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Quadrant™ Program
Based on the principal of protecting and enhancing wealth, the Quadrant Program constructs a portfolio that consists of a range of specialized mutual funds – each of which combines the talents of some of the leading investment managers in the world. Research has proven that this approach provides the optimal combination of risk control and return enhancement. Quadrant is available to investors with a minimum account size of $50,000.