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Investment Planning

The need for a Written Financial Plan is so that you can develop a long-term investment strategy and capture it in writing to protect your investment portfolio from unplanned revisions to sound long-term strategies. The written report will help you maintain a long-term focus when short-term market movements may be distressing.

The development of an investment strategy follows the basic approach underlying financial planning: assessing your financial condition, setting goals, developing a strategy to meet the goals, implementing the agreed upon strategy, regularly reviewing the results and adjusting the strategy as circumstances dictate.

The Investment Strategy Report will:
  • Establish reasonable expectations, objectives and guidelines for the investment of your portfolio

  • Create the frame work for a well diversified asset mix that is based on broad historical performance which can be used to generate reasonable long-term returns at a level acceptable to you

  • Insures that your portfolio takes full advantage of tax avoidance strategies

  • Minimuze taxation on investments