Four-Step Approach

Investing does not have to be complex, time-consuming, or stressful.  Justin is gifted in his ability to distill and simplify quantitative financial models, advanced tax strategies, and the investment process as a whole. Although every financial solution is unique to each of his clients, the four-step approach used is consistent.

​​Step One - Listen and Learn


How well does you current Advisor know you?  Justin commits to tailoring financial solutions and never uses 'cookie-cutter' plans.  To uniquely tailor solutions, he learns about you, your financial objectives, family commitments, career ambitions, risk tolerance, and much more.  He then provides you with a detailed report showing how your portfolio matches you and your objectives.


Step Two - Comprehensive Financial Planning


How in-depth is your current financial plan?  Has your financial plan been updated to address the upcoming "tax fairness" changes?  Holding the CPA, CA, and CFA designations, Justin and his team of tax and legal experts are able to provide very comprehensive financial planning, beyond what is typically offered by other Advisors.  With the proposed tax changes, proper planning is more important than ever to keep you from paying unnecessary taxes.

Step Three - Asset Allocation (Cash vs Stocks vs Bonds vs Other)


Do you know how much risk you're really taking with your current portfolio?  Justin meticulously designs portfolios with the aim of meeting a specific return while simultaneously lowering clients' portfolios risk.  As a CFA designation holder, Justin is well versed in Modern Portfolio Theory and he uses asset allocation techniques designed to mitigate investment risk without impacting expected return.

Step Four - Investment Picks


Are your existing stocks picked by your current Advisor or by globally recognized experts?  Justin relies on the high quality research and the expertise of BMO Capital Markets when choosing securities.  Using BMO Capital Markets' recommendations you can be assured that literally thousands of hours have been spent by experts picking the investments in your portfolio.