Our Process

Just thinking about your finances can cause discomfort, leaving you feeling lost and and overwhelmed.  Our gentle and consultative approach to your finances will put you at ease from the start.  Our simple, yet effective seven step approach provides necessary financial clarity.

Simple and Effective

1. Discovery - No two lives are the same and everyone is different.  We take the time and care to understand our clients' philosophies, values and beliefs.  Armed with this important information, we develop strategic and tactical wealth management plans to reflect your attitudes, risk tolerance and needs.

2. Plan - We take a deep approach in ensuring your goals are met. 

3. Investment structure -  While most advisors focus on gross returns, we focus on net returns - taking into consideration the holistic picture.  We create the right structure  (registered and non-registered accounts as well as holding companies and trusts) at the outset before we make any investment decisions.

4. Wealth growth – We take a meticulous approach to identifying risk tolerances, objectives and plans.  We develop a customized plan for you, explaining it at every step of the way.  This dynamic plan is reviewed yearly, ensuring currency with our clients' lives and the ever-changing capital markets.

5. Wealth preservation – In as much as capital growth is important, so too is wealth preservation.  Our planning process includes contingencies for unexpected happenings like loss of income, illness and changing capital markets.  This ensures long-term goals are met.

6. Wealth transfer – We ensure your wealth is transferred according to your wishes.  Working closely with our estate-planning group, we focus on inter-generational planning and philanthropy while minimizing tax liability at every step of the way

6. Active engagement - We are committed to excellence in everything we do for our clients.  We discuss our high standards, options available and fee disclosure in advance of any investments being made.  Our commitment to on-going client education in greatly appreciated.  The more knowledgeable you are, the better we`re able to serve you.

7. Ongoing review – We regularly review our clients‘ plans and investments. This critical (yet often ignored) step ensures our clients` long-term objectives continue to be met

We`re guided by: 

  • Doing what we say and saying what we are doing

  • Managing our client`s wealth like it`s ours

  • Not letting our clients` emotions guide their investment decisions

  • Liberally sharing our expertise with our clients in timely, accurate and friendly ways