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BMO Economics
BMO economic research and commentary.

International News

CNN Financial News Network
Up-to-the-minute reports on what's affecting Financial Markets.

Financial Times
International financial news, commentary and analysis.

The Economist
A respected weekly publication offering a global view on today's current issues.

Investment Information

Globe Investor
The Globe & Mail's timely investment coverage.

Bloomberg is among the top 5 most visited sites in the US for financial news and information. The site has 11 international editions.

Access public securities filings and company/mutual fund profiles (ie annual reports).

Bank of Canada
Rates and stats.


Stock Exchanges


New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange (NTSE), the largest equities marketplace in the world, is home to about 3,000 companies worth nearly $16 trillioin in global market capitalization.

Toronto Stock Exchange
The fully automated Toronto Stock Exchange consistently ranks as on of the world's top exchanges and is Canada's premiere market for senior equities, accounting for approximately 95% of all equity trading in Canada.

Nasdaq Stock Exchange
Investors can log on to and see how Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and the S&P 500 are performing, scan the latest news and fund commentary and get quotes for stocks, mutual funds, and options on major U.S. markets.