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Investment Process & Philosophy

At YQC Wealth Management, our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled client experience. Through the use of Goal-Based Capital Allocation and the choice between traditional brokerage, fee based and discretionary accounts, we customize the investment process to develop the strategy that is right for your family.
We view no two clients as being the same in all aspects hence each client will receive a personalized approach to their wealth management needs. The process we take our clients through is centred on them and their priorities and not centric on a given product or assumption. We take a consultative approach with clients and the time to listen to what is important to them; We call it "listening with a purpose”. Understanding a client’s needs and priorities follows dialogue and discussion about relevant matters. We help clients distinguish between short-term wishes and longer-term needs, through Goal-Based Capital Allocation, so that priorities and focus can be in the right area. Strategy implementation and regular progress review help keep the process on track.
Portfolios are constructed and managed using a well-defined process that combines a top-down investment strategy – used to determine the asset mix and sector allocation – with a bottom-up security selection process. This ensures the portfolio is well diversified and properly positioned to take advantage of market opportunities as they present themselves. Equity investments are selected through a Value Investment Philosophy with an emphasis on quality – earnings quality, dividend growth, consistent and predictable cash flows. We leverage BMOs top ranked Capital Markets research as well as a number of independent providers. We take pride in being different, and providing independent insight.
Our clients are primarily individuals and in many cases, second and third generations as well. Our investment process is tailored to highly successful business owners and executives who have amassed a significant nest egg and are in transition to the next chapter of their lives. The team has extensive experience dealing with personal holding companies, private corporations, and charitable foundations and in some cases, the treasury of public corporations. 

Goal-Based Capital Allocation

By separating your investment needs into different categories using Goal-Based Capital Allocation, we help you protect your lifestyle, pursue your luxury desires, and ensure capital is in place to achieve your future aspirations, a lasting legacy and the security of future generations.

Lifestyle Capital

The lifestyle capital segment of your portfolio represents the funds needed to sustain you and your family. We focus on what you define as necessary to support your lifestyle; holding all additional contributions separately. 

Legacy and Luxury Capital

Legacy and luxury capital is the portion of your wealth that will be invested to help enrich your lifestyle and support your family in the future. This can include financing a vacation, buying a new sports car, philanthropic work or leaving a legacy fund for your family. 

Aspirational Capital

The final segment of your portfolio is truly defined by you. Everyone’s aspirational goals are different. For some, their aspirations may be developing a new business venture, for others it could be discovering a new project or pastime. 

Goal-Based Capital Allocation helps develop an understanding of what is most important to our clients, in an effort to realize their investment goals. YQC Wealth Management is committed to providing a solution that is right for you and your family.