At Quinn + Cardy Wealth Management, our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled client experience.

We view no two clients as being the same and implement a highly personalized approach to your wealth management needs – customizing the investment process to develop strategies that are right for both you and your loved ones.  
Our investment process is tailored to highly successful business owners and executives who have amassed a significant nest egg and are transitioning to the next chapter of their lives.


The team has extensive experience dealing with:

  • Personal holding companies

  • Private corporations

  • Charitable foundations

  • Treasury of public corporations.

Most importantly, we take the time to discover what is truly important to our clients and leverage a consultative approach that allows us to "listen with purpose” throughout our shared journey.

Gain from our perspective
The collective experience and professionalism of our team, combined with the vast resources and expertise found across BMO Financial Group, continues to drive our unique and effective approach to wealth stewardship.  Over the years, we have grown to include a vast collection of unique and powerful perspectives that continue to drive value and insight into every client touchpoint.
Have a more complete conversation
Your objectives as an investor may be more complex than you realize at first. That’s why our team takes the time to understand your personal ambitions and the unique circumstances that will shape your investment plan. Where you are today and your vision for the future dictates our shared, decision-making process, and understanding those elements can only be accomplished through open lines of communication and transparent dialogue.
Be confident with an experienced team
Having worked closely alongside clients and their families for nearly 40 years, our unique perspective continues to fuel our commitment to protecting the financial affairs of all those we serve.  With wealth comes responsibility, and our team is prepared to address the complexities of your financial situation.
Choose an investment relationship appropriate for you
In order to create a customized investment solution that truly reflects your investment objectives, goals and values, it is important that a unified vision is established. Choosing an investment relationship that is appropriate for you is derived from this process. Every step forward we take on your behalf is done so transparently, strategically executed with the utmost care and precision.
Get advice for your family on all your wealth
Wealth management is truly a family affair. Our practice takes the time to help you focus on both the emotional and financial aspects of family wealth management. Working collaboratively with you and your family, we ensure that protecting, growing, and transferring wealth is done so without leaving anything to chance.
Experience the difference of independent insight
Quinn + Cardy Wealth Management is part of a collaborative team of wealth services professionals. This team includes private banking professionals, estate, tax, trust and insurance advisors, and financial planners. Whatever your personal wealth management objectives may be, the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our independent insights ensure that we are able to present you with relevant and fully customized solutions. 

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