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Our Commitment

We provide to each of our client high quality personalized services. It is in this spirit that this agreement outlines what should be our mutual expectations.

Review your portfolio

Altough our services are not limited to establishing a strategic asset allocation and review your portfolio, it is an integral part of our solutions available for you.

Distribution of customized reports
We keep track of your accounts and distribute a personalized report of your portfolio at least once a year.

Regular communication by phone, e-mail or regular mail
We promote a quarterly contact to discuss financial market changes and possible changes in your financial situation. 

Monthly rebalancing of your portfolio
We help determine the asset allocation that suits your needs and then we monitor developments so that it remains appropriate for your goals. 

Personalized recommandations for your situation
Our clients receive recommandations that are well explained and are appropriate for their experience and financial goals. As Portfolio Managers, we are in possession of one of the highest credentials available to investment professionals.

Comprehensive analysis of your financial situation

Did you know that we are also able to give you access to a full range of financial services for personal or business financing and insurance?

Retirement Planning
We can help you review your options and make informed decisions to control your finance and live a retirement you've always wanted.

Estate Planning
We have the resources to plan your estate, thus ensuring that your assets will be distributed according to your wills.

Insurance Needs
Protecting your assets is an integral part of any financial plan. We can offer you solutions that will fit into your overall strategy for protecting your wealth.

Tax Planning
Since all income is not taxed equally, we can help you effectively manage your portfolio for tax purposes.
In summary, we can give you financial advice on everything related to your financial situation. No matter what your goal is; preserve your estate, income replacement, access to credit, tax minimization or plan your succession, we can offer solutions that suit your wealth management strategy. If you have a need for it, we can also refer you to other profesionals of good reputation, such as accountants, notaries, lawyers and tax attorneys.

We offer all our clients courteous and attentive professional services. We keep in touch with changes in your family life, your professional career and your health. Every request is treated with great consideration as we voluntarily limit the number of clients we serve.

Our expectations

We expect you to give us as much detail as possible regarding your long term goals and risk tolerance.
Also, we hope that you will provide us the information we need in order to prepare a proper financial plan.
Obviously, it is important to notify us of any change in your personal situation that could affect this plan.