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With over 30 years of extensive investment experience spanning portfolio management, investment banking, trading, institutional equity sales and product development, The Harris Neal Investment Group is uniquely qualified to advise you and your family in achieving your financial goals.




Investment Experience

The philosophy of The Harris Neal Investment Group is to build long term relationships and help individuals and organizations meet their lifestyle and financial goals. We follow a proven process that begins with assisting our clients to establish realistic objectives and defining and implementing strategies on how best to achieve them.


We believe that a key determinant to successful investing is having the appropriate asset mix of cash, bonds and stocks in our clients' portfolios. Working closely with our clients, we formulate investment strategies designed to improve their portfolios' returns while keeping risk at an acceptable level. We also monitor and rebalance portfolios should personal circumstances or market conditions change.

Financial Success Starts with Us 

Successful investing includes all facets of financial management and we use our team where appropriate to deliver a total solution for all of life's events from children's education to estate planning.

Using proven, time-tested and disciplined investment strategies, we can help you grow and preserve your capital and meet your financial objectives.


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