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"Gurpreet has been advising us for close to 10 years. We began working with him when he was at MD Management just after the big financial crunch back in 2008. Gurpreet has been a huge improvement over our previous advisor. He has been great for us through all these years. When Gurpreet decided to go with BMO, we decided to move with him – not for BMO, but for him. He spent a lot of time ensuring that it would be a smooth transition, and we’re happy to say that it was. "

–        Dr. Don Eddy, Family Physician, Coquitlam BC
–        Mrs. Carol Eddy, Don’s “CFO” and right hand and homemaker (Oct 2020)


“I have known Gurpreet since 2006 when I was President of the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA, now Doctors of BC). Gurpreet and I collaborated on student and resident initiatives and met with young students in all four years of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine to determine how to best address their needs. We developed a seminar series to help medical students, residents, and practising physicians to learn about advocacy, media relations, physician health, wealth management, tax planning, career burnout, and many other topics to help them prepare for leadership roles. Knowing I am a breast cancer survivor, Gurpreet asked me to lend some support to a medical student he knew who was battling serious cancer during this time. Gurp helped this young man’s family to access insurance and tap into funds from the medical association, making a difficult time a little easier.”

–       Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, Rossland, BC, former family physician, MLA (Minister of Education, Labour and Health) and President of the BC Medical Association (Oct 2020)


“Gurpreet is my financial advisor, but also my financial teacher who has become a friend over the years.  Teaching to him, and to me, is about mentorship and human connection, and that is the way he goes about providing financial services and educating clients. This gives me hope that new generations will have that approach rather than being all about profit, which is what I saw in financial advisors when I was younger. The other thing Gurpreet has done for me lately is to really look into philanthropy. I’m not much of a spender and I have no children, so I am finding that I have funds to donate to charitable works. I want to be responsible both in my investments and in making donations. Gurpreet honours my requests, such as stopping all investment in fossil fuels and finding ethical corporate investment opportunities.  I recognize on some level that these are not likely in Gurpreet’s own financial best interests, but he’s never made me feel that his stake in profit would colour his guidance.  I trust Gurpreet in all these matters.  He is a wise and ethical advisor.

–        Dr. Wallace, MD, FRCPC, New Westminster, BC (Oct 2020)


“More than a decade ago, Gurpreet became my advisor when I moved to Vancouver. I have known him for a long time, and he’s become both an advisor and a friend. When we met, we were single people early in our careers. Now we are both married, more established professionally, and we have gone through different milestones in our careers. He’s done well in terms of our investments. I feel that our returns have been good compared to other people’s. Gurpreet takes the time to understand where we’re at (when we need money, when we need less; when we can take on risk, and when we can’t), what our goals are, and the intricacies unique to people who serve in the professions. He has an idea of what we can expect going forward in terms of income generated by our portfolio and the rules in terms of how we can use it. He’s also been very flexible. If we have to meet, he will come to my workplace to work around my hours and location, which really helps a time-crunched family physician with two young children.”

–        Dr. Eric Cadesky, Family physician (Oct 2020)


​“I like to work with Gurpreet because he keeps up with his education – he is continually learning and stays current in terms of new tools and sectors. I like to read up on investing – I’ll send him things I’ve found interesting and he’ll walk me through them. He’s been able to vet my questions very well and never dismisses me – I can bounce different (and sometime wacky) ideas off him and get a straight answer. He will take me through the pros and cons. Gurpreet never dissuades me from anything, we’ll just have a good, informed conversation so I can make the best decision. He is a really good sounding board. One last thing my husband and I both love is that, if he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he doesn’t pretend: he will admit he needs to research it, and always gets back to us.”

–        Mrs. Erin Lane, Environmental Science, Earth and Ocean Science Instructor at UBC (Oct 2020)


"Gurpreet has been our financial advisor for over ten years. During this time he has provided solid financial knowledge paired with a reassuring and personable manner. We started working with him at MD Management and were very satisfied with his advice and guidance during those years. When he moved to BMO we decided to follow as we had established a strong and trusting relationship with him. He has always understood our personal and financial goals and works with us to develop a plan with which we are comfortable and confident.  He maintained close contact and was reassuring while following basic investment principles as he guided us through the recent economic impact related to COVID-19 and previously the 2008 economic downturn. We are pleased with the decision we have made to follow Gurpreet and look forward to a long lasting relationship."

–       Dr.  Hildebrand, Family Physician in Port Coquitlam
–       Mr. Bob Jonker, Electrical Engineer, Retired (Oct 2020)



“I have known Gurpreet for nearly 20 years, and he has what I call the two critical “Q’s” for financial advisors – IQ and EQ. He brings wisdom, professional training and years of market experience to your service.  I can highly recommend his ability to interpret the larger economic picture as it impacts on one’s personal financial situation. He also takes the time to really know his clients, paying close attention to the details of “you”, ensuring that not just your financial goals are well understood, but also your comfort level. He is honest, reliable, ethical and highly recommended. Planning a successful future for you and your family will be much easier with Gurpreet’s guidance."

–       Carol, Professor, SFU Beedie School of Business (2019)


“Over the last 15 years, I have specialized in working closely with advisors to provide them with marketing communications services. Gurpreet stands out as the most caring and collaborative advisor I have experienced. Not only does he approach his work with the utmost courtesy, enthusiasm, discretion and clarity, he actually reached out to ask me how his project was going on my end and to make sure I was enjoying it. I have been quite impressed because this is a first – no advisor has ever circled back like this before, not even the most personable ones. Having read the wonderful things that Gurpreet’s clients say about him, I shouldn’t have been surprised by his kindness. If my assets were not being very well managed by close friends, I would seriously consider working with Gurpreet after all the positive reviews I heard from his physician clients, despite the fact that my husband and I live in Toronto.”

–        T. Keenan, freelance copywriter (Nov 2020)



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the named client author and are in no way representative of the views of all clients. Client testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding outcome of your investments.