Goals-based wealth management

Before we make recommendations regarding your investments or wealth planning, we will devote the time to get to know you and your family, business or practice in depth.
Once we have a sound understanding of your goals, needs, fears, wealth structure, time horizon, liabilities and preferences, we are well positioned to build a tailored portfolio and comprehensive Wealth Plan to address them. We are also available to help you make pragmatic financial decisions that can help you achieve your vision of success.

We can address your priorities by helping you to:

  • Define your short- and long-term goals.

  • Allocate your assets according to your profile and market conditions.

  • Build an optimized, resilient, risk-adjusted, balanced portfolio and Wealth Plan.

  • Transition to an income-generating portfolio in retirement.

  • Design a tax-efficient estate.

  • Plan proactively for major purchases or expenses.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest tax regulations, industry reforms and global influences.

  • ​Manage multigenerational wealth family planning for your evolving needs.

Our proven, evolving process

Whether you are a conservative or a growth-oriented investor, and whether you are at the pre-retirement or post-retirement stage, we will design a prudent investment plan that best suits your needs. At BMO Private Wealth, we have the ability to build a portfolio that is customized to suit your needs no matter how complex and sophisticated they may be.

  1. MEET and DISCOVER. We will meet with you to gather your information – your goals, priorities, fears, dreams, wealth structure, time horizon, risk tolerance, and family. We will identify where you stand and where you want to be, help you identify the steps to get there, address any immediate concerns, and prepare for potential challenges down the road.

  2. PLAN. We will design a plan in line with your objectives, risk tolerance, preferences and priorities following an unbiased strategy. The most important part of our role is coordinating a team of professionals to help you reach your financial goals so you can focus on what matters the most – you and your family.

  3. MONITOR and REVIEW. After the plan has been implemented, we will meet with you regularly to review any changes in your life or the markets and ensure that you are on target to meet your goals.

  4. ADJUST AS NECESSARY. If any changes are required, we will provide recommendations to maintain your overall objectives and risk tolerance levels.

  5. EVOLVE THE PLAN AS YOUR LIFE CHANGES. We will stay in touch to remain informed of any important shifts in your priorities or goals. As you become empty nesters, we will help you pay down your mortgage and guide you through the transition into retirement with increasingly prudent, income-generating investments.

  6. PROVIDE ONGOING GUIDANCE and ADVICE. Going beyond your portfolio and Wealth Plan, we are here to help with whatever financial decisions you’re facing.

Multigenerational planning.

We involve the whole family in the wealth management process to help everyone both financially and personally. When sons and daughters join the conversation, everyone is informed and engaged as a household. While everyone has their own goals and their own portfolio, all family members share access to our strategies, expertise and fees and we promote good communication and transparency among family members. 

Collaborating with BMO specialists.

Working with a passionate, experienced team of BMO Private Wealth specialists, we will create your customized and complete Wealth Plan. After working to truly understand your short- and long-run goals, together we will advise you regarding tax considerations, create trusts if required, and help you plan and protect your estate and legacy. Our broad network of BMO Private Wealth subject matter experts brings you tremendous financial bench strength:


  • Will reviewers
  • Tax planners
  • Asset managers
  • Trust and estate planners
  • Insurance specialists
  • Credit consultants
  • Platinum Banking professionals
  • Business and Commercial Bankers
  • Investment bankers
  • Risk management experts
  • Business succession specialists
  • Strategic philanthropy consultants


Staying relevant and updated.

Our team will constantly adjust your plan and banking services to external conditions and life transitions to ensure your goals are proactively, strategically managed. This saves you time and worry when making important decisions. You know your financial affairs are in order and will remain on track to reach your goals throughout your life – the ultimate benchmark of success.


Guiding you through major life transitions.

With the specialized assistance of our BMO Private Wealth partners, we can add significant value when helping you and your loved ones to prepare for major milestones or manage periods of transition; for example, when you:


  • Get married or divorced
  • Inherit money or win a lottery
  • Start a family
  • Buy or renovate your home or vacation property
  • Decide to fund an education
  • Buy or sell a practice or business
  • Change your career
  • Plan for and enter your retirement years
  • Have an accident or are diagnosed with a major illness
  • Wish to make a major charitable contribution

Practice or business succession advisory services.

After building a practice or company for many years, stepping away can be psychologically difficult for professionals who have long been driven and defined by their work. We can help you retire successfully by providing support and coaching you through the major transition both financially and emotionally.