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The Benefits of Managed Money

Canadians are taking increasing control of their financial futures, especially when it comes to retirement planning. Gone are the days when employees could rely entirely on corporations or government to provide for their retirement income. And with today's longer life expectancies, it becomes even more critical to plan for the future, simply because there's going to be so much of it!

The reality of our longevity highlights the importance of having a "healthy heart" at the centre of your portfolio – something that will grow with you, providing for the long years ahead. Many investors are now favouring a professionally managed portfolio that will enhance their returns in a risk controlled manner.

In the past, many investors were content to hold "low-risk" investments such as GICs and Canada Savings Bonds. The returns, however, were not always enough to keep pace with inflation and pay the taxes. As a result, investors weren't gaining very much at all, which meant the heart of their portfolio wasn't as healthy as it could be.

As we begin to take increasing charge of our own destinies, it behooves us to consider the benefits of a professionally managed portfolio such as those available to you through the BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Asset Programs®. That's because, along with a solid asset allocation of style and diversification, it can provide a key component to the "healthy heart" we'll all need in our investment portfolios to carry us into the long and rewarding years ahead.

We firmly believe our clients’ interests are best served by a managed money approach to investing. Managed money can outperform other investment strategies because it offers expert advice from professional investors, who research individual companies and deliver high-quality diversified portfolios, while guarding clients from emotional investment decisions in times of market volatility.

Managed Money:

  • Capitalizes on research undertaken by professional investors

  • Represents a specific selection of securities that are thoroughly investigated and strategically diversified

  • Offers our clients an opportunity to benefit from investment strategies normally only available to large institutional investors, such as pension funds

  • Guards clients from emotional decisions in times of market volatility

If you'd like more information on the BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Asset Programs®, please select a link below.

The Architect Program offers a level of diversification and sophistication previously only possible through multiple, separate investment vehicles and multiple investment accounts.

The Meridian Program combines all of the benefits of an ongoing relationship with your Investment Advisor with BMO Nesbitt Burns' top rated research.

The Quadrant Program offers exceptional diversification with professional management in order to manage risk and provide the potential for dependable long-term results.