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The Business Owner's Best Resource

The King Group is the solution to the business owner’s biggest problems. As a dedicated team of advisors and support staff we have been providing clients with stellar service and advice for over 31 years. We are often referred by accountants and lawyers to provide solutions to solve looming tax problems and financial planning issues. The King Group has helped 32 new clients last year save over $14,000,000 in future taxes. Over 3500 business owners, and 400 accountants and lawyers subscribe to our weekly tax and small business email newsletter.

With a dedicated money manager within the team, unique financial plans and decades of experience we are the key to providing the service and attention that they deserve but is often only reserved for the larger businesses. We can help you ensure that Revenue Canada is not the biggest beneficiary of your Financial Plan.

Asset Management:

When we build individual equity portfolios for our clients, our core investment philosophy focuses on high quality companies that provide stable cash flow, maintain relatively low volatility and offer share price appreciation over a complete business cycle.

Specifically our focus is on:

•A strong and clearly identifiable business model
•Management with a proven track record
•Sustainable growth within their respective industry 

Low Beta (Volatility)
•Beta representing a stock’s volatility is a key focus as we aim to keep the volatility of the portfolio low relative to the overall stock market 

Cash Flow
•Healthy and sustainable dividend payout ratio
•Consistent dividend growth

•Sector – the broad spectrum of industries across an economy are represented
•Geographic – with an emphasis on North American companies,
•the portfolio includes companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Far East

Our ongoing Portfolio Management includes: 

Company specific weightings
•Individual weightings for companies will not be greater than 6%

•Your portfolio is rebalanced on an ongoing basis to maintain its structured sector allocation, in keeping with your stated goals and objectives  

Tactical rebalancing
•When there is an expected outperformance within a sector, there may be a slight shift within the portfolio to have an overweighting in that sector

•Can be accumulated if necessary for a defensive posture

Your portfolio is reviewed monthly. First is a top down analysis of the global and domestic economies and underlying economic themes. Second, a review of the sectors expected to outperform vs. underperform and finally, a review of the outlook for each respective company. This monthly review may lead to trimming of positions and out-right sales.

There are four ‘situations’ that could lead to the selling of a security in your portfolio: 

Research rating downgrade:  
•A rating downgrade warrants a full review of the position with the decision as to hold or sell.

Material change: 
•This can include events such as change of management, acquisition of another company and an increased payout ratio of the dividend. Material changes potentially having a long term negative impact on a company’s growth prospects may result in the sale of those securities. 

Rebalance large positions: 
•Positions may need to be rebalanced if their weighting has grown to greater than 10% of the equity portion of the portfolio. This rebalancing process ensures that the portfolio is not over exposed to any one company. This keeps the risk of the portfolio lower through continued diversification. 

Relative Performance:
•If a company’s stock performance is significantly lagging its peers, a full review and analysis will take place that could result in the selling of the security.