Business Philosophy

With extensive experience in Risk Management, we as a team are committed to helping clients identify, assess and prioritize financial risks in order to maximize the realization of opportunities and financial peace of mind. The team realizes that exposure to risk can be alarming and that is why we are dedicated to creating a portfolio with strong risk/return features.

The Importance of a Sound Investing Partnership

Danny and Omar's financial planning process is summarized in 5 steps with a goal to give clients financial P.E.A.C.E.
of mind:
1) Partnership with the client to achieve financial success
2) Evaluating the client's
financial profile by using financial planning tools
3) Action which involves implementing the
financial plan's recommendations
4) Controls on risk. Regular assessment of the risk/return
5) Evolving the plan in response to the client's life changes.

Service Excellence

We work together as a team to provide clients with integrated investment solutions that empowers individuals to make sound decisions in order to protect and grow their wealth. That is why we regularly communicate with our clients. Clients are contacted at least once a quarter in addition to annual face to face meetings. We believe in building lasting relationships and recognizing that every client's situation contains a different level of complexity. By becoming deeply involved, we can recommend value-added strategies for clients and their families.