Professional Athletes

As a team, we understand the lifelong commitment and sacrifice required in propelling yourself to the highest level of your sport. We know you are pulled in many different directions, and require financial professionals who go above and beyond to adapt to their demanding schedules. 

For many professional athletes, the glory of winning and the agony of defeat aren’t limited to the field. The initial thrill of a multimillion-dollar salary can quickly turn into financial ruin if athletes are unprepared and inexperienced about managing their money.

You may have in depth cross border wealth management needs. This is not something new to our team, as we have extensive experience working with dual citizen clients, and transitioning clients who are moving permenantly to and from the United States.

Since our team understands the complex needs of Professional Athletes, BMO Private Wealth has selected us to be on the National Athlete Advisory Team for Private Wealth Management.

How do we understand your conflicting demands as a professional athlete?
Christine's father was drafted to the NHL in the late 50’s.