Meticulous investment management

Whether you are a conservative or a growth-oriented investor, and whether you are at the pre-retirement or post-retirement stage, we will design a prudent investment plan that best suits your needs.


If you have been dealing with other financial institutions over the years, you may have a portfolio that made sense when you were young but should not be so aggressive now. I will evolve your plans and portfolio as you change, moving from growth to prudence as you age.


Fluent in both Spanish and English, I have advised investors internationally. I always take a prudent approach to investing, carefully selecting a well-diversified range of high-quality companies across many industries rather than not chasing short-term returns through the newest, hottest stock – or stocks that will either make you very rich or very poor.


As well as the core securities that anchor your portfolio long-term, I can help you invest to achieve tactical objectives, whether you are seeking growth, value, growth at a reasonable price (GARP), deep value, or momentum.


With my detail-oriented nature, you know that our team will perform above-and-beyond due diligence. We keep an eye on your overall portfolio, on each money manager, and on the mix of managers, so you have multiple advantages on a consistent basis.


Portfolio construction

We will work with you to create an ideal portfolio to help you meet your investment goals.


First, we will identify the optimum asset mix between cash, fixed income/bonds, equities/stocks, and derivatives. Your portfolio can include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks, and individual bonds.


We identify world-class, best-of-the-best money managers who usually manage money for pensions, endowments and foundations and are only available to retail investors through BMO Private Wealth’s excellent portfolio building platform. Some are with BMO and others are external fund managers in Canada or around the world renowned for their expertise in a certain area (BMO has a robust research department but we can’t be the best in everything globally.) We can make tactical changes when one money manager is not working well.


We will combine funds that are run by a mix of money managers to diversify by management style (different schools of thought), by geography (i.e., Canada, US, international, global and emerging markets ) and by size of company. You pay a single, transparent, asset-based fee so we no longer need to worry about the costs of trades.


Through BMO Private Wealth’s unique and powerful portfolio planning platform, an advisor-managed account delivers many benefits:

  • You can delegate the day-to-day investment decision-making and ongoing monitoring of the markets to our team.

  • We manage everything – you can go south and not worry about having to be available to provide approvals.

  • You can own individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs that we select for you in a more tax-efficient and cost-efficient way.

  • You can add stocks or other securities that you have requested yourself.


I will work closely with a team of industry experts to provide rigorous, ongoing oversight and portfolio management to keep your investments in line with your objectives and remain focused on your goals.


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