Investment Policy Statement

Your personal Investment Policy Statement or "IPS" is the foundation on which your Managed Portfolio Account is built. It guides your Portfolio Manager in building and managing your portfolio and serves as a constant benchmark against which to measure your progress. To begin, your Portfolio Manager will work with you to build a comprehensive picture of you as an investor, everything from your current financial situation to your long term objectives and any special circumstances. Based on this analysis, your Portfolio Manager will develop your personal Investment Policy Statement, setting out your objectives and the types of investments you will own. Your IPS also outlines your overall profile, for example,whether you are a conservative investor focused on capital preservation, or a moderately aggressive investor seeking growth. For you, as well as your Portfolio Manager, your IPS is an essential document that helps plan and direct your progress for the future. You can have the peace of mind in knowing that your investment portfolio is being professionally managed in accordance with your most important needs and wishes.