"Selecting the right Investment Advisor is one of the most important financial decisions one will make."


Anne Desgagnés


When it comes to investing, a solid, trusting and effective relationship with your Investment Advisor is integral to meeting your financial objectives. Not all Investment Advisors are right for all clients. It is important to find an Investment Advisor whose values are aligned with yours, and with whom you are comfortable. The long-term success of your financial strategy in large part depends on the strength of that relationship.

A key prong of our differentiated approach to wealth management is based on the customized portfolios for each client based on individual securities. This allows us to better understand the risk and opportunities in our clients' portfolio and to structure portfolio as tax-efficiently as possible for each individual client's own situation. We avoid complex investment products with layers of opaque embedded fees.  Some people call this a “traditional” investment approach. Perhaps it is. We call this common sense investing.
Another key differentiator is that we are not looking to sell our clients pre-packaged investment products. Anne is an experienced Portfolio Manager, not a Sales Representative. Clients won’t find Anne trying to drum up new business or touting the virtue of the newest investment fad. Instead, clients can find her at her desk managing their wealth, doing research and answering their financial questions.  Focused on adding value.



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