Team Canada Healing Hands for Haiti


Andrew is a supporter of Team Canada Healing Hands which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of rehabilitative education, training, and care in areas of need.

Andrew has volunteered during recent trips to Haiti to help as a hands-on volunteer after the devastating eartquake hit in 2010.

The main focus of Team Canada Healing Hands in Haiti is:

1. Continuing Education for Haitian Physicians and Allied Health
- On-site educational workshops for rehabilitation care providers. These will include skills training in leadership and as educators, in addition to clinical learning.
- Support for presenting platform or poster at an international meeting by a Haitian rehabilitation health professional, on the work in Haiti.
- Repeat SCI workshop in 2012 – there is much demand, and our experience has been that this can be conducted very cost-effectively while keeping accessible for workers throughout the country. Since the earthquake, patients with SCI are surviving their injuries due to the new skills and awareness in the country; the database is nearing 200 patients, and there is great need for advancing the skills and training of the health care teams caring for these patients long term.

2. Bursary and Support for Clinical and Educational Programs at Healing Hands
-Supplement the support for Haitian rehabilitation physicians to allow them to work with medical and nursing students, and participate in their education and training.
-Bursary support for Haitian medical students and residents to participate in training in rehabilitation medicine with the Healing Hands programs.

With donations/grants,Team Canada Helaing hands would like to provide financial support for the salaries of a Haitian physical medicine and rehabilitation physician so that they can work full time, and for interns to participate in rehabilitation training under this physicians’ leadership. The country currently has only 4 rehabilitation physicians, and it is estimated that close to 10% of the population of 10 million have a disability. They would like to contribute to the development of future rehabilitation physicians, and feel this initial support will have longer term implications.

3. Continuing education and training to help develop the Speech and Language services as well as Audiology services in Haiti, including the development of a credentialed Speech and Language/Audiology technician training program in collaboration with Canadian schools.

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