Our Investment Principles

Our process is a two-way partnership


Advisory and Investment Management Services

Our focused approach to developing practical investment strategies for clients ensures we understand every aspect of your financial needs to maximize client returns and income, while minimizing the risk.

Whether clients are income-oriented or primarily concerned with capital growth, they receive superior service and a personalized investment approach. The result is an extraordinary client experience based on the McCreath Group's 166 years of combined financial industry experience.


Asset Mix Management

Asset allocation is the primary determinant of both risk and return in many portfolios. Numerous studies have concluded that the percentage distribution of financial assets (cash, equities and bonds) accounts for much of the variability of a portfolio's return, while market timing and security selection typically account for a smaller percentage.


A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets:

  • Cash

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

Using BMO Nesbitt Burns' Research Department, the McCreath Group works closely with our clients to develop practical portfolios. As part of our long-term commitment, we will recommend changes to a portfolio mix if your personal circumstances change.


Equities - Canada, U.S. and International

For investors with a long-term outlook, equities have historically outperformed other classes of securities. Drawing on the expertise of BMO Nesbitt Burns top-ranked* Research Department, the McCreath Group will recommend a well-diversified portfolio of equities to help meet client's needs for capital growth and income.


When considering equity investments, we are guided by the following twelve points:

  1. Buy quality.

  2. Invest in businesses that are easy to understand.

  3. Buy great companies at attractive valuations.

  4. Buy companies with growing earnings and strong cash flow.

  5. Understand that there are times when markets mis-price businesses.

  6. ook for low price earning multiples.

  7. Buy top management

  8. Diversify in foreign securities – Canada is confining.

  9. Look for strong balance sheets.

  10. We will only buy growth and cyclical stocks at reasonable valuations.

  11. Buy companies that are leaders in their field.

  12. Look for companies that pay dividends and have attractive return on equity (ROE).


Fixed Income

Government and corporate bonds, T-bills, GICs, preferred shares and other fixed income securities constitute a major component of many of our clients' portfolios. We believe that fixed income vehicles offer an extremely attractive way to achieve steady income, moderate investment risk and potentially generate capital gains.