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With an all-encompassing investment strategy


Your nest egg is more than a portfolio. It’s your hard work and sacrifice now to fund your dreams and aspirations for your future.
Big or small, it’s significant to you. And it’s significant to us because we believe regardless of current financial assets or investing competence, every person deserves to have an investment strategy that empowers them to take control of their financial situation and achieve their dreams.
Which is why our level of personalized attention and care exceeds mere financial planning. We’re not content to hand you a one-size-fits-all retirement plan. Instead, we deliver exceptional client service, doing what is right for you.
At Kingsford & Associates, we:

  • Listen to your needs

  • Help you define your goals

  • Use every tool in our toolbox to give you a holistic investment strategy and take the time to help you truly understand how it works

  • Provide ongoing, personal support for every decision involving your financial well-being

  • Perform regularly scheduled reviews to keep you on track to achieving your goals

Our Services Include:

  • Portfolio management: selecting the most appropriate risk level and asset mix for each client to build a portfolio that considers your entire net worth

  • Investment advice: ongoing high touch education and discussion to monitor your portfolio and discuss appropriate changes as required.

  • Financial planning: the creation of a financial road map to illuminate your financial route to retirement and any other goals you may have

  • Tax planning: working with either our trusted accounting referral or your existing accounting advisor to position your portfolio to reduce tax as much as possible

  • Estate planning: utilizing our legal referral, BMO Trust advisors, and expert insurance strategies to support your needs in Will and Estate planning

  • Family enterprise advice: including intergenerational business transitions

  • Cross-border portfolio management: U.S. resident investing and tax planning


Ready to secure the financial future you are dreaming of? 


Oct 2018

From the very first meeting we came to highly respect, and hold in the highest regard, the diversity of expertise on the team and their core culture. Their approach is exceptional, exceeding our planning and communication expectations … In an environment where many advisors are reduced to a debate on fees and current day returns, Kingsford & Associates rises above with a singular focus on meeting the client’s objectives. It shouldn’t be that novel but it is!

-Retired marketing executive, Client since 2015


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