Our Process

A Partnership with You

  • We begin by having an open discussion to clarify your goals and identify those things that weigh on your mind and may affect or determine your vision for the future. I do this as I want to tailor a holistic plan that uniquely addresses you and your family.

  • We help you analyze and prioritize your needs (short and long term) as you see them. Together, we document the resources that you currently have at your disposal.

  • We gather details of your monetary picture and generate a WealthPath to guide us. WealthPath is our planning software that provides an assessment of your current financial situation and helps us determine if your existing investment strategy is in line with your goals.  

  • From there we determine solutions, providing options that suit your personal situation.

  • I then present my recommendations for asset mix and investment selection.  I work in conjuction with our top rated research team, our estate planner as well as our tax department.

  • We implement your personalized portfolio and keep you informed. We regularly review and monitor it ensuring we are protecting your portfolio from undue market risk. We use our resources to ensure that the plan remains on target to meet the goals you have set out.

  • Your WealthPath will be reviewed every 5 years to keep it current and on track. We would update it and add new information if there is any material changes in a shorter time frame.