What We Do

We help our clients gain insight from a financial perspective, for the things that matter most

We begin with Financial Advice
 Financial Advice means helping our clients to identify objectives and organize their finances so that the families’ goals are achieved. And our clients come to us with all sorts of questions and concerns. We collaborate to determine what is important to you, and together we develop a Financial Strategy that addresses what is important, such as:

  • When can I retire and much can I afford to spend in retirement?
  • Are there tax strategies that are we overlooking?
  • Is my family protected in the event of an unexpected death?
  • Pay down the mortgage or add to my investments, which is better for us?
  • We need a strategy to help the kids through university.
  • What is the best way to structure my estate to minimize taxes?
  • Who should I choose as my executor?
  • Should we consider a trust in our wills?

Follow with Investment Advice
Investments are simply tools we utilize to ensure that your goals are achieved; once the Financial Strategy is completed, we work together to develop an investment strategy tailored to what is important. In the securities selection process we draw on our own experience, and the expertise of our economic, fixed income and equity research departments, Canada’s most respected for over 25 years. And our clients often choose our discretionary service, delegating the day-to-day investment decisions to us, and we manage their portfolios according to the goals as determined by the Financial Plan.
Revisit the Advice to ensure we remain on track
As life moves forward what is important may change. Only through regular communication we can be confident that our financial advice remains up-to-date, and our investment strategy  reflects our clients goals and the current market conditions.