My Process

How will I work with you

The process revolves around you. After all it is all about you and your money. Initially I take a couple of face-to-face meetings to get to know you and your unique situation.

Here is my process:


  • Meet and decide if we can work together with you

  • Assess your present financial and personal situation

  • Identify your financial and personal goals

  • Identify ways to reach your goals and provide a written analysis including recommendations and alternatives

  • Implement and review a strategy suited to your individual needs

  • Monitor and revise your investment strategy regularly

  • Identify any other needs, for example: insurance, estate planning, retirement planning etc.

This approach is rational and structured rather than emotional. We want to minimize emotional reactions to the markets and your investments in order to avoid any irrational decisions.


My Core Strengths

Quality Clear and Conservative Advice
Commitment to Client Services
Determination to Provide Value for your Money
Utilization of Portfolio Analysis Software

I offer a peace of mind through disciplined well thought out portfolio management. I want to give you rational solutions in an irrational market place.