Tailored, Integrated Wealth Planning


Here is a quick rundown of how our structured process works:


  • First, we get to know the circumstances, needs and preferences of your family and business in depth.

  • Then, we build a comprehensive, integrated Wealth Plan tailored to your specific personal and business objectives.

  • Next, we develop an investment strategy that provides long-term growth based on your asset allocation, emphasizing capital preservation and risk management.

  • Ongoing, we consistently monitor your portfolio and communicate regularly with you to keep you informed on your progress.

  • At every review meeting, we will ask about any changes in your life, goals or circumstances so we can make the necessary adjustments to your portfolio and Wealth Plan.


Collaborating with BMO Specialists


After working to understand your short and long-term goals, we will create your customized Wealth Plan. Our broad network of specialists within BMO Private Wealth can provide you with significant expertise in the areas of:


  • Tax planning

  • Trust and estate planning

  • Insurance solutions

  • Private Banking

  • Business and Commercial Banking

  • Investment banking

  • Business succession

  • Strategic philanthropy



Staying Relevant and Updated


Our team will consistently adjust your plan in the event there are significant changes in your situation to ensure your goals are proactively and strategically managed. Knowing your financial affairs are in order will help to relieve you from the stress of the unknown.


Guiding You Through Major Life Transitions

With the expertise of our BMO partners, we add significant value to help you and your loved ones prepare for major milestones and manage periods of transition. For example:


  • Getting married or divorced

  • Receiving an inheritance

  • Receiving an unexpected windfall

  • Approaching retirement

  • Buying or renovating a home or cottage

  • Saving towards a child’s education

  • Buying or selling a practice or business

  • Changing your career

  • Being in an accident or being diagnosed with a major illness

  • Making a major charitable contribution




Estate Planning


We will discuss what happens when you pass away without a will and the additional stress it would leave your loved ones and/or business partners at an emotional time. Taking the time to create/update your will, powers of attorney and beneficiaries can pay off enormously in the years to come.




Conflict often accompanies significant wealth. These can include complicated family dynamics, assets held abroad and disabled family members. Our partners from BMO Trust Company can help you take action on some of life’s most important financial matters while feeling confident and supported.  Ask us about:


  • Corporate Executors

  • Living and Testamentary Trust services

  • Power of Attorney for Property

  • Executor, Trustee, or Court Appointed Representative services

Strategic philanthropy

Working with a philanthropy specialist, we can help you maximize your charitable goals by discussing the differences between a private foundation and the BMO Charitable Giving Program.

A private foundation is the most highly structured and personal form of long-term giving, and best suited for strategic philanthropy. BMO Private Wealth can provide assistance with all related tasks including preparing CRA charity returns, working with recipient charities and handling tax compliance issues.

A donor advised fund through the BMO Charitable Giving Program allows you to give back in a significant way and create a legacy.  Your contributions are made to a donor advised fund administered by Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation* and managed by BMO Nesbitt Burns. This provides you with flexibility in managing your charitable giving strategy in a cost-effective manner.  Save time by leaving all of the administrative responsibilities (such as managing, reporting and tracking distributions to your qualified charitable beneficiaries) to the Program’s charitable partner, Gift Funds Canada*.

*An independent, non-profit charitable organization and is registered as a public foundation with the Canada Revenue Agency that brings you cost-efficient and tax-maximizing benefits.


Insurance strategies to protect what you cherish.

You’ve accumulated substantial wealth over the years. Together with BMO Estate & Insurance Advisory Services, we will recommend strategies to help you enhance your wealth before, during and after retirement; and ensure it's transferred as tax-efficiently as possible to your loved ones upon your passing.

We will collaborate with you and specialists at BMO Estate and Insurance Advisory Services to:


  • Ensure that you and your family have adequate insurance coverage that will preserve or enhance your estate, provide protection and risk management solutions in the event of critical illness or disability, or look after your family in the event of an untimely death.
  • Objectively help you to explore your options and consider cost-effective solutions that are designed for your unique situation and time horizon.
  • Use insurance as a tool to preserve and enhance the value of your estate, minimize taxes, fund health care expenses and support your charitable giving goals.
  • Assess key risks and opportunities in order to point you towards flexible, cost-effective, multi-faceted insurance solutions that can help preserve and enhance your wealth.
  • Increase the financial resources available to you and your family through:
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
    • Whole life insurance (traditional whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life)
    • Term life insurance
    • Insured annuities
    • Business insurance/Key man insurance