Investment Management & Philosophy

Defensive & disciplined approach to portfolio management

Institutional Style investment management
Clear & transparent fee structure

Our investment approach is straightforward and we use a transparent cost structure that is easy for you to understand. You will have a personalized diversified investment strategy to protect your principle while participating in market gains to build your wealth. We are in a position to recommend and implement an investment strategy only after we fully understand your goals and financial objectives.
We take a disciplined and defensive investment approach to portfolio management that is back tested because we believe clients and families are best served by taking a long-term investment outlook, with commitment to preserving capital and providing stability in all market conditions.
As a full service brokerage firm we have access to a wide range of investment vehicles on a global basis. By developing economies of scale, we bring unbiased and disciplined institutional style of investing to our clients while providing access to a comprehensive selection of fee based and managed investment programs. These programs are designed to meet the specialized needs of investors who want greater Investment flexibility, diversification or that seek a professional portfolio manager to make investment decision on their behalf - all for a transparent and competitive fee structure.
Clearly Articulated Investment Policy Statement
The Investment Policy Statement is your specific mandate that details all your objectives, goals and constraints in managing your portfolio. You can think of it as the structural plan that is the foundation of how we create and manage your portfolio.


  • that represent the interests of individuals, families and corporations

  • identify any constraints and investment beliefs

  • outlines investment strategies & allocations to meet long term goals and objectives

  • clear and transparent fee structure of investment strategies

“The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.”
- Benjamin Graham