Wealth Management for Physicians At BMO Wealth Management, we can help.


At BMO Wealth Management, we’re committed to helping physicians manage their financial health. We’re a team of Wealth Management professionals that truly understand the unique needs of physicians, and can provide complete advice and solutions that consider both your professional and personal goals.

As your financial “physician,” we’ll listen to you, and then prescribe customized advice – backed by our wealth management expertise – that can help you manage, and stay on track to reaching your goals.


At BMO Wealth Management, we can help.

At BMO Wealth Management, our “One Wealth” team creates solutions that respect the nuances of your profession, and address the opportunities and potential challenges associated with your personal wealth. We can help you with complex banking and borrowing needs; investment management, wealth planning concerns, business succession strategies, and trust and estate services. In short, we can help provide you with the right solution, regardless of the complexity of your needs.

Working with BMO Wealth Management

We start by putting you at the centre of our team-based approach to Wealth Management. This means, we’ll spend the time necessary to get to know you, your practice, your needs, as well as your short and long-term goals. Having a good foundation of knowledge about you and your situation will help ensure we identify the best solutions available to you. It’s a dynamic process and, together with your BMO Wealth Management professional, you’ll routinely revisit your plan to make sure it continues to reflect your current circumstances and priorities.

Getting Started

We start by asking the basic – and the not-so-basic – questions, in order to uncover possibilities you may not have previously considered, including:

• Are there any personal or professional issues that need to be addressed in the short-term?

• Does your current wealth plan protect what’s important to you? If so, do you have confidence it will work?

• Does your plan address significant events or transitions that you, your family, or your practice may face in the future?

• What do you need to do now, next year, and five years from now to optimize your wealth plan? And, if you do nothing differently in the next year, will you be satisfied? 

• Are you getting the most out of your professional corporation? Is it structured to maximize tax efficiencies and ensure that it’s transitioned effectively, when you wind down or sell your practice?

From here, your BMO Wealth Management professional can engage with their partners across BMO Wealth Management to put together your team of professionals and put your plan in place.