What We Offer

Managed Portfolio Account
Not just any Portfolio Manager

We understand that for some investors, maintaining a traditional investment account simply doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyle. At Segal Wealth Management, we offer Managed Portfolio Accounts (MPA) to take you to the next level of investing. 

Discretionary portfolio management means giving Melanie Segal, an accredited Portfolio Manager, the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf. Your investment strategy will be designed and managed according to your clearly-documented needs and goals. Unlike a traditional investment account, it is not necessary for you to review every transaction.

Your portfolio is customized for you.
Melanie and her team will carefully assess your needs, design an investment strategy, and create a portfolio customized for you..

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account offers unique rewards. You will feel confident knowing that Melanie and her team are paying close attention to your financial interests, while allowing you to focus your time on what is important to you.