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Our beliefs

A portfolio with a “growth at a reasonable price” profile represents the ideal trade-off
An asset allocation that includes growth stocks trading at a reasonable price provides downside protection while capturing upside gains.

Capital preservation should be the #1 focus of every investment advisor
Our clients spent years accumulating capital to ensure their financial independence. Protecting their assets is our most important role!

One should beware of fads and rather pay attention to macroeconomic trends
We are prepared to play on momentum themes, providing they represent sustainable trends and are reasonably weighted within the portfolio.

Investors should hold equities to maintain their purchasing power
In a context of historically low interest rates, a well diversified portfolio should include Canadian equities.

A sound strategy must consider results net of tax and fees
The right investment product depends on the type of vehicle where it is held; this is why the tax treatment of a security must always be taken into account.


Our commitment

Review of your portfolio every quarter

Face-to-face meeting every year Review of your financial planning every 1 to 3 years

Review of your financial planning every 1 to 3 years

Review of your investor profile every 3 years