Celebrating 29 years of Investment Industry Experience

in the South Okanagan


With a passion for transforming people's relationships with their money, Lori delivers Wealth Management Advice and knowledge across the South Okanagan Valley and throughout Western Canada.

Her award-winning personalized approach helps investors find balance in their everyday lives, and with the backing of BMO Private Wealth brings her clients access to a network of expert advisors.

Ideal Clients:

  • Retirees and snowbirds who flock to the area for its warm weather and active lifestyle
  • Multigenerational orchardists and ranchers
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to divest
  • Moving back to Canada after many years abroad
  • Clients and their families with investable assets over $1,000,000

Areas of Expertise:

  • Building investment portfolios designed to create a steady stream of income in all market conditions
  • Helping business owners/entrepreneurs to divest on their own terms and plan for a long and meaningful retirement
  • Pension plan transfers for security and control of hard earned retirement savings
  • Creating plans and strategies for multigenerational wealth transfer
  • Insurance for corporations & holding companies, designed to create tax sheltering and estate preservation


Community Leadership

Lori's community commitment has had a deep and influential impact. Forging paths to make a genuine difference throughout the local and surrounding communities, Lori has held leadership roles to support numerous community initiatives and social advocacy causes.