Wealth by Merriam-Webster’s definition is “the abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”.  We believe wealth is much more than this.  Personal wealth represents life experiences, financial security, partnerships, and social & family legacy.   We believe wealth should be preserved, protected, and planned for.

The Maranger Group services and provides financial advice to high-net-worth clients, helping them protect, preserve, and grow their wealth.

We offer bespoke wealth management advice and services to optimize our clients’ financial structure, with tax efficiency at the forefront.  The result is meeting client goals while protecting their wealth.  Our wealth planning strategies are comprehensive and forward-looking to ensure our clients retire with affluence, in the most efficient way possible. 


Our Business Philosophy

Our guiding principles are the foundation of our business:


  1. Do right by our clients, always.  We abide by a fiduciary standard.

  2. Be clear and transparent about fees. 

  3. Communicate and deliver exceptional service.