Estate Planning

Wills That Work
This brochure provides an overview of why a Will is important and what you need to consider when drafting your Will.

Probate Fees and Taxes
Canadians may have personal income taxes as well as probate costs to pay on death. Income taxes arise because there is a deemed disposition of all assets on death resulting in the realization of accrued capital gains on property and investments.

Estate Information Organizer
Everyone has their own filing system for important documents and financial information and can easily access this information when needed. However, if someone else were to step into your shoes, would they know where you keep your Will, life insurance policies or your safety deposit box?

A Guide to Granting Powers of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a document in which you appoint another person or trust company
(the attorney) as your agent and confer authority to perform certain specified acts or kinds of acts on your behalf.

In a Time of Loss
Every culture has its own way of dealing with death, yet all acknowledge the power of grief, when even the simplest things can become very difficult.

Trusts for Protection and Tax Savings
Trusts provide protection for your wealth and beneficiaries, and can also be used to reduce
taxes. They can be created now, or upon your death in your Will as part of an effective estate

Trust Planning for the Disabled
A trust can provide financial security for a person who is not capable of managing their
own money. In some provinces, it can also preserve the right to provincial disability

Joint Ownership Pros and Cons
Spouses commonly hold much of their property jointly with a right of survivorship – it is a very convenient way for couples to pass property to the surviving spouse.

US Estate Tax for Canadians
This article explains the potential cost of US Estate Tax for the estate of a Canadian and suggests a number of planning opportunities that may be available.