Working with us



We go beyond numbers and investment products. We want to know about you! Your goals, dreams, priorities, and family dynamics. Everyone is unique. We take time to understand your life, which allows us to design the best solutions for each situation.



Jeff has extensive experience working directly with many top rated global investment managers. He researches opportunities from all around the world to give clients portfolios protection and diversity. Jeff will keep you informed on global influences and complexities. He will explain how they may affect your future and will present strategies to best reach your goals.

Jeff is licensed to manage money for Canadians working and living in the US. His practice includes business owners, professionals, and retirees. 



Choose from our flexible service options: Have hands-on involvement in your portfolio decisions or enjoy the freedom of entrusting all your investments to our team.

We’re here to help with your financial priorities at each life stage, providing an unbiased, holistic approach. As part of BMO Financial Group, we can provide access to one of the broadest selections of wealth management solutions and services available today, including:

  • Investment planning

  • Wealth advisory services

  • Retirement planning

  • Business planning and succession strategies

  • Estate and insurance solutions

  • Tax planning and minimization

  • Philanthropic giving and legacy planning

  • Post-secondary education planning

  • Strategies for building wealth


Our team establishes lasting relationships based on the highest standards of service excellence, transparency and integrity. With over 27 years of experience in the financial industry, Jeff brings insightful, clear, and sound financial advice. He takes the time to thoroughly research your suggestions and ensures you understand the rationale behind al decisions. Jeff treats everyone with respect, empathy, and genuine care.


Our structured, disciplined, risk-managed process:

  1. Clarify your goals and understand your needs

  2. Define your vision and concerns

  3. Design an overall financial plan

  4. Develop your investment and risk management strategies

  5. Implement your customized portfolio and financial plan

  6. Monitor, review and report results