Jeff Burt, MBA

Senior Wealth Advisor

For 30 years, I have been in the business of helping clients maintain and build wealth. This is accomplished through conservative investment strategies and creating estate preservation solutions. An established client relationship with a balance of professionally managed money and trading opportunities is how I prefer to operate my business.
The cornerstone of my practice is personalized service. As trust is the basis of any relationship, clients that trust my recommendations understand that they are based on my efforts in matching their personal financial objectives with financial assets.

An ongoing consultative approach solidifies long-term relationships that are built upon integrity, trust, knowledge and experience

Sandra King

Sales Assistant

Personable, hard working, and reliable, Sandra is the glue that binds our team. She is most often the first point of contact on anything from an administrative perspective and client tax information. Sandra’s three decades of experience has made her invaluable to ensuring the best in overall client experience.