Don't Take Our Word For It

  • In our 2018 client survey, 45% of our clients responded with their views.  We are told 15% to 20% response rate is typical.  We are pleased our clients have a comfort in sharing their views, and we continue to work on ensuring that our group fosters open communication.
  • When asked about satisfaction with the overall quality of service received, 94% of our clients rated The Oyler Group 8 out of 10 or higher.
  • We believe communication is very important to any relationship.  We want clients to be involved and informed.  89% of our clients felt they were contacted "often enough".  We will work hard to satisfy the remaining 11%.
  • We consider ourselves to be lifetime learners.  Understanding of individual investments objectives, risk tolerance and performance expectations are crucial to our client relationships.  90% of our clients recalled a discussion about portfolio performance expectations relative to their tolerance for risk.  80% felt they had a regular review of their portfolio performance relative to their investment objectives.