Our Process

Over the past many years, we have spent many hours taking a hard look at the core philosophies that guide our approach to investing, and we’ve re-examined the fundamental premises on which we build portfolios and take care of our clients. In the end, we keep coming back to our guiding principles:

We commit to investing with Integrity.
We commit to investing in Relationships.
We commit to investing for your Confidence.

OK, so what does it really mean, and how does the above translate to my own experience you ask?

1. We commit to investing with Integrity.

With regards to investing with integrity, whether we are considering guaranteed investment certificates, bonds, or the equity components of portfolios our approach remains consistent.

For instance, while we have access to corporate bonds with higher yields, we recommend government bonds or CDIC insured guaranteed investment certificates. We have not lost any sleep worrying about the quality of our client’s bonds and GIC’s for the sake of chasing a slightly higher yield. Another example is that, with few exceptions, all individual stock positions pay a dividend. It seems simple, yet we have been consistent on this in the past and we will continue to advocate this in the future.

It’s probably fair to say we stubbornly stay away from fads.
We are committed to investing with integrity.

2. We commit to investing in Relationships.

Although our long time clients have a full appreciation for the above, we have given great thought over the years to how we measurably are able to demonstrate this seemingly subjective guiding principle. Here are a few specific examples.

Financial Planning based: We utilize financial planning software and cash flow requirement analysis to lead us to an appropriate asset mix for personal and corporate clients. We do not believe in a cookie cutter approach that one size fits all, and although there are many parallels in client holdings, we will design portfolios that are suited to the individual’s needs and cash flow or growth objectives.

Depth of our team: Several years ago we made a decision to add to the depth of our administrative support and Rebecca joined our team to compliment the great work that Edwina and Tiffany have been doing for so many years. In the spring of 2008, we again examined the level of service we wished to deliver to our clients, and decided once again to raise the bar. Dawn Warren joined our team in September 2008 and her years of experience have been welcomed.

And so, our team concept offers you, our clients, the peace of mind that your lead Investment Advisor has access to the collective wisdom of the group, and an efficient and well staffed service platform that we believe is rare in our industry.

We have organised ourselves and built our team to benefit you our clients.
We are committed to investing in relationships.

3. We commit to investing for your Confidence

On this topic, we have many specifics and invite new potential clients to sit down with us for a discussion and some concrete examples. For this publication, we will focus on a few thoughts.

While it goes without saying that we take a long term view, that is not necessarily the norm. In the investment business, there are almost limitless distractions and short term noise. We don’t ignore these entirely but work hard to keep them in perspective and keep our focus on the long term.

In our experience we have found that the aim of almost every investor is to obtain a combination of safety, income and capital growth. We do not wish to disappoint, and so we recommend appropriate asset mix of guaranteed investment certificates, bonds and blue chip dividend paying equities that our clients can depend on.

New clients will have full discussions on the investment approach we adhere to and the things we do, but some of our clients have thanked us for the things that we have not done. We "have not” recommended leverage investing. We have not recommended any new flavour of the day (heavily marketed) bundled (impossible to explain…) investment products. While we are full service advisors, with access to almost anything, we chose to stick to the dependable road. We have not changed our style.

When we are reviewing portfolios, our long time clients know that we scrutinize the weightings per asset class mix, sector, and individual company holdings. Over long periods, we will discuss trimming (re-balancing), or adding to certain sectors and companies, much in the same way that we would maintain a staggered GIC or bond portfolio for the fixed income component of portfolios.

We are committed to investing for your Confidence.