Recommended Reading

The Laws of Lifetime Growth: Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past
Author: Dan Sullivan, Catherine Nomura

Growth is a fundamental human need, a desire that stems from a deep love of life and an urge to experience it fully. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, meaning, and progress. Here, Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura offer 10 simple laws that will help you continue to grow throughout your life. By living according to these laws--including such insightful advice as "always make your future bigger than your past," "always make your contribution bigger than your reward," and "always make your enjoyment greater than your effort"--you will ensure that you maintain a fresh, innovative perspective on the world around you. Distilled from Dan Sullivan's years of coaching successful people, these laws will motivate you and unlock your greatest abilities.
The Millionaire Next Door
Thomas J. Stanley

Ever wonder if there's a particular secret to becoming a millionaire? Thomas Stanley and William Danko did. Drawing on two decades of research, the authors discovered seven common denominators among the rich -- variables that pinpoint just how they attained their status. The Millionaire Next Door examines these factors, offering astonishing and instructive advice for improving your financial situation.
Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future
David Bach | Trade Paperback | Doubleday Canada | January 2003

With hundreds of thousands of copies in print around the world, Smart Women Finish Rich, by financial advisor David Bach, has shown women of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their financial futures. Whether you’re working with a few dollars a week or a substantial inheritance, Bach’s nine-step program gives you the tools for spending wisely, establishing security and aligning your money with your values. This new Canadian edition includes up-to-date tax information, income-building strategies, online resources, pension planning and new ways to attract greater wealth -- personal and financial -- into your life.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach their Kids about Money that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not
Robert Kiyosaki

Robert T. Kiyosaki shows parents how to teach their children about making money work for them, instead of them working for money. In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the author smashes some tenacious myths, such as only a high income leads to wealth. Perhaps the greatest point here is that parents must take control of teaching their children about making and saving money. They can't rely on schools to do that for them. With books like this, future generations may enjoy a bright financial future.
Start Late, Finish Rich
David Bach | Hardcover | Doubleday Canada | January 2005

Start Late, Finish Rich applies David Bach’s Finish Rich wisdom to all those who "forgot” to save and are worried that it is now too late to achieve financial freedom. David Bach’s message is that it is never too late to finish rich. Complete with all-new strategies tailored to the needs of late financial bloomers, this book throws a lifeline to people who feel they have left saving for retirement too late by showing how anyone can use the power of Pay Yourself First™, the Latte Factor™, and Make it Automatic™ to build wealth quickly and plan for a comfortable future.
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Patricia Schultz | Trade Paperback | Workman Publishing Co | May 2003

Introducing the Eighth Wonder of travel books, the New York Times bestseller that''s been hailed by CBS-TV as one of the best books of the year and praised by Newsweek as the 'book that tells you what's beautiful, what's inspiring, what's fun and what's just unforgettable everywhere on earth.' Packed with recommendations of the world's best places to visit, on and off the beaten path, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die is a joyous, passionate gift for travelers, an around-the-world, continent-by-continent listing of beaches, museums, monuments, islands, inns, restaurants, mountains, and more. There's Botswana's Okavango Delta, the covered souks of Aleppo, the Tuscan hills surrounding San Gimignano, Canyon de Chelly, the Hassler hotel in Rome, Ipanema Beach, the backwaters of Kerala, Oaxaca's Saturday market, the Buddhas of Borobudur, Ballybunion golf club-all the places guaranteed to give you the shivers. The prose is gorgeous, seizing on exactly what makes each entry worthy of inclusion. And, following the romance, the nuts and bolts: addresses, phone and fax numbers, web sites, costs, and best times to visit.