Making a meaningful impact with your wealth.

With so many charitable organizations to choose from, it can be hard to know how to make an impactful donation. We can help you translate important personal values into a philanthropic investment in an organization or charitable cause that deeply resonates with you. From strategic gift planning through to execution of a donation, our goal is to leave you and your family with a lasting legacy in the community.

Strategic charitable gifts are almost always a win-win: the charity benefits from your generous support and you receive significant tax savings as a result of the donation. We can enrich and nurture your knowledge of the charitable sector and often work with the charities directly to facilitate meaningful gifts.

Additionally, our BMO Charitable Giving Program allows clients to establish Donor Advised Funds--a flexible and cost-efficient way to make charitable gifts on an ongoing basis while maximizing your tax benefits. Donor Advised Funds can be passed on to the next generation of your family or other loved ones to maintain as part of your legacy.