It all starts with you


At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we have been helping affluent individuals, families and institutions build and manage their wealth for over eighty years. Most of our high-net worth clients come to us with the same pressing need: a disciplined process to integrate their resources, needs and commitments into a unified financial blueprint, and they need it executed flawlessly. Marc Filiba offers precisely this: a state-of-the-art financial planning process designed specifically to meet the customized needs of the high net worth investor.

Review Your Full Holdings:

In order to move forward, it is important to know where you are and where you have been. We begin by doing a thorough inventory of your current assets and investments, including liquid securities and cash, retirement accounts, pensions, family business interests, real estate and collectibles. We then review any existing trust and estate arrangements, your tax situation, and insurance policies.

We then analyze your current holdings using our sophisticated analytical tools. The goal is a clear understanding of all investments, tax and financial planning to date, combined with a clear view of how your assets are deployed.

Understanding Objectives and Constraints:

We will then survey the full extent of your family or corporate goals, including your own, those of your dependants and heirs, and plans for charity. Your financial attitudes will be explored. We will want to understand whether you are concentrating on building wealth, protecting your wealth, or looking for current income. Our process will also uncover your tolerance for risk.

This analysis will cover your lifetime, and will take into consideration future generations so we can account for other requirements and contingencies.

Develop A Complete Financial Plan including the Investment Policy Statement and Personal/ Custom Benchmarks:

The foundation of your portfolio is your Investment Policy Statement. Depending on your situation this may involve a number of professionals, including for example, experts in tax planning, trusts and estates, investment management, philanthropic planning, and structured products.

From this process we will establish your Investment Policy Statement and Personal Benchmark. The Investment Policy Statement is the foundation on which your portfolio is built. It guides Marc Filiba, and the investment managers as they build and manage your portfolio. Your Investment Policy Statement will set out your objectives, constraints, the types of investments you will own, and the management styles governing them.


Whether your plan involves rebalancing your current portfolio, or pursuing new investment strategies, Marc Filiba and his team will implement these changes and monitor the progress.

If your plan calls for changes or new arrangements in the areas of tax planning, trusts and estates, or insurance, we will work with your own lawyers and accountants to help implement these changes.

Monitoring and Review:

The discipline of our process allows us to effectively monitor and manage the process on an ongoing basis. Our quarterly progress reports will provide you with a detailed analysis of your portfolio, summarizing important information. Reviews can be conducted in person, via telephone, or the internet, and can be scheduled at your convenience.

'We believe that successful investment management and financial planning should start with a disciplined process that fully leverages our professional expertise and superb analytics.'