Outlined below are scenarios that two sets of clients have recently faced and the service that I have been able to provide.


Scenario 1:

A couple in their early sixties were contemplating selling their business and retiring one year early. They were concerned that they would not have enough money to retire and that they would be unable to maintain the lifestyle that they had grown accustomed to. After analyzing their current investment portfolio and discussing specific goals and objectives they wanted to accomplish in retirement, my team constructed a sound investment strategy based on their retirement needs, and showed them that they could retire early, while maintaining the lifestyle they enjoy.

Scenario 2:

A young couple received a net settlement and were unsure as to what to do with it. They had never worked with such a large pool of capital before and didn’t have a plan or strategy on how to effectively have the money work for them. After discussing long term goals and needs, we developed a disciplined process to maintain capital preservation and allow for the investment to grow. Furthermore, the same couple adopted a young boy from another country and we helped them to implement an education savings plan for him. Currently they are in the process of adopting another child.