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How Investment Income Is Taxed
Knowing how tax rules affect your investments is essential in order to maximize your after tax return. This article discusses the taxation of investment income as it pertains to an individual resident in Canada.

Strategies to Minimize Capital Gains Tax
For investors who have realized significant capital gains, this article examines various strategies to help reduce the impact of a potential tax liability resulting in the realization of a capital gain.

Understanding Capital Losses
When losses exceed gains in a given year, there is no further reduction to your current taxable income. However, a net capital loss may be used to reduce your capital gains in other tax years.

Probate Fees and Taxes
There is no death tax in Canada. However, probate tax (or fees) is imposed on the value of parts of a deceased’s estate assets. Probate tax is determined provincially.

Granting Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is an important part of a complete financial plan.

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