"As is the case with many others, we have a diverse range of needs when it comes to financial planning. The Boyd Wealth Management Group was able to quickly and competently understand those needs, and simplify things toward a common goal. The team was able to introduce some alternate investment vehicles of which we had previously been unaware, and then group these into a complete financial strategy with clear steps to success. We truly value their timely and sound advice and have the utmost confidence and we feel we are treated as family with each and every interaction. A level of confidence that is often hard to find nowadays.
     The Boyd Wealth Management Group was also able to offer a complete package of services for ease of maintenance and control. This process was seamless and we only wish we hadn’t put it off as long as we did. Having a team of highly ethical people who are committed to creating a portfolio with maximum return on investment equals peace of mind. Let’s face it: at the end of the day, we are all looking for maximum returns with the utmost peace of mind. And thats the Boyd Wealth Management Group."
Emergency Physician - October 2018

     "Prior to joining David Boyd‘s team, I didn’t have expectations around financial or wealth planning. I felt like I had that under control. What I was looking for was good investment advice and strategies for my savings. Unfortunately, with my prior investment advisor, I often had anxiety regarding my investments as my perspective, whether right or wrong, was that was my investments were not being managed. Once I joined Dave‘s team, I took immediate comfort in his team‘s approach to managing investments, and no longer worried about my “investments”. David’s approach to investing allowed us to free up our time to focus on wealth management,such as detailed financial planning. That exceeded my expectations in terms of what I thought I would get out of an investment advisor.
     The combination of a proven investment strategy tied with wealth management. has given me a completely different outlook. I no longer worry about day to day returns, that is David’s job. I worry about ensuring I am doing my part in the detailed investment plan I have developed with David."
Senior Partner Law Firm - October 2018

     "As a professional service provider, I’ve worked together with a number of clients with Boyd Wealth Management Group  and in all cases, I’ve found David and his team to deliver exceptional client service.They provide very knowledgeable advice, that is both professional and personalized. They have great attention to detail in ensuring clients are properly communicated with, regarding changes in the markets, new trends and tax consequences of transactions.On a personal level, Dave took the time to truly understand our financial goals and needs and then built an investment strategy specific to us. The Boyd Wealth Management Group is a pleasure to work with."
Partner / CA Accounting Firm - October 2018


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