Managed Portfolio Account (MPA)

Not just any Portfolio Manager. Your Portfolio Manager.

For some investors, maintaining a traditional investment account simply doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyle. The Managed Portfolio Account (MPA) offered by the Boyd Wealth Management Group allows for a direct relationship between David Boyd, an accredited Portfolio Manager and the client, yet by delegating the day-to-day decision-making, the client now has more time to pursue their other goals and interests.

Discretionary portfolio management gives David Boyd, an accredited Portfolio Manager, the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf. Your investment strategy will be designed and managed according to your clearly-documented needs and goals. However, unlike a traditional investment account, it is not necessary for you to review and approve every transaction.

Your portfolio is customized for you.

David and his team at the Boyd Wealth Management Group will carefully assess your needs, design an investment strategy based on time-tested investment methodologies and world-class investment research, and create a portfolio designed to promote your best interests every step of the way.

Contact with David and his team can be as often as your wish. Either way, your assets will continue to be managed with the highest degree of personal attention. You will be kept well informed through regular contact with the team as well as a monthly statement of account that details your holdings, transactions and the value of your portfolio.

Benefit from professional discretion

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account offers unique rewards. You can feel confident that your financial interests are being expertly managed by a professional Portfolio Manager backed by the knowledge and resources of BMO Financial Group, while preserving more of your time for other interests.

If the Managed Portfolio Account appeals to your investing needs, please contact David Boyd today to find out more about how this premium service can help you achieve your financial goals.