Investment Solutions

You have achieved so much in life and have reason to feel proud. Yet there is still more you would like to accomplish.

Now, you're looking for someone with the ideas, expertise and resources to help you address a current specific need - or a series of more complex decisions as you move to a new stage of your life.

We, at the Darren Masse Group are distinctively qualified to help you get there. First, by listening and learning about your unique story, and then designing and implementing an investment strategy that accurately reflects your situation in life and your individual goals and objectives.

Once your plan is developed, we will work on identifying the investment and/or overall wealth solutions to implement your plan.

That's why BMO Nesbitt Burns offers some of the most comprehensive selections of investment products and services in Canada, backed by the country's top investment research. You can choose from stocks and bonds, mutual funds, or managed assets programs - many of which are exclusive to BMO Nesbitt Burns.

With a managed account program, we work together to develop an overall investment strategy, then delegate the day-to-day implementation of the strategy to expert portfolio managers. You'll be able to taop into professional money management, adherence to disciplined risk management principles, and stringent portfolio monitoring.

The Meridian Program is the latest evolution in the client advisor relationship - an advancement that maximizes your choices in achieving your financial goals. With Meridian, you don't need to do anything by yourself if you don't want to. As your Investment Advisor, Darren remains your key resource, available to help establish an investment strategy and tactics and to provide whatever support, counsel, advice and trading execution you require. It's up to you whether or not you take a more direct role in assessing your progress, reviewing our reserach database for investment ideas, and/or placing trades. The decision is yours, 24 hours a day.

This innovative program provides you with instantaneous online access to a wealth of expertise and information - including near real-time details on your existing holdings, and on the investment opportunities identified by the top-ranked* BMO Nesbitt Burns Research Team - wherever and whenever you want. Should you wish, you also have the option of making equity, mutual fund, and option trades online.

The Architect Program - The first full-featured unified managed account in Canada. As investing has evolved to offer more choice and opportunities, so have the products that help individuals invest successfully. The Architect Program provides you with enormous benefits:




  • an individualized strategic asset mix;

  • skilled expertise in portfolio management that incorporates risk management principles by including the potential for diversification by investment vehicles, managers, styles;

  • ongoing portfolio oversight, and;

  • active coordination for the underlying investment vehicles for systematic portfolio rebalancing, and intelligent cash management.

The Advance Program - Similar to the ancient art of bonsai, this progam embodies the timeless ideals of balance, excellence and commitment. Today, these ideals are equally important in the management of your wealth. Investing has become increasingly complex, demanding more attention and expert knowledge. Whether you are an individual investor, or you represent the finances of an institution, foundation or endowment, you want the right blend of attentive, personal services, and sophisticated financial expertise. This is the goal of the Advance Program.

The BluePrint Program - The BluePrint Program provides access to BMO Capital Markets top-rated investment research and professional portfolio managers. Through the BluePrint Program, clients have access to nine portfolios that are fully managed on a segregated account basis for a low competitive fee. With your help, clients determine which of the established portfolios meet their investment objectives. Clients can choose from Canadian Equity, U.S. Equity, Total Equity, two balanced portfolios and four fixed income portfolios.

The Quadrant Program, exclusive to BMO Nesbitt Burns, brings a disciplined and comprehensive approach to investment management - one that has proven to deliver dependable long-term results.

To make Quadrant work for you, we need to know your needs now and in the future...your plans for the wealth you accumulate...your investment experience...your comfort level in assuming risk...and more.

We assess this information carefully before recommending an investment policy for your review and, ultimately, one of the many highly diversified Quadrant investment portfolios to provide a mix of assets and managers best suited to your needs.

At BMO Nesbitt Burns, you benefit from the simplicity and convenience of having one trusted advisor who takes a deeper interest in your life and oversees the development and implementation of these strategies.

As a client, you want quick access to your portfolio and a clear understanding of how it's performing. You will receive comprehensive quarterly statements detailing the activity in your accounts and your holdings, and monthly statements whenever there has been acitivity during the previous months.

To review more of our programs, visit BMO Nesbitt Burns