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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

Toll Free: 800-924-0558
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Brian Condie, CFP, FCSI

2 St. Clair Ave. West
19th Floor
Toronto, ON
M4V 1L5

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Over 20 Years' Experience providing Comprehensive Wealth Counsel to Retirees, Top Professionals, and Small Business Owners seeking Superior Service



My mission is to help you make the right kind of plan. When you retire, have you envisioned what a 20 or 30 year period of rising living costs may look like?  Have you accounted for the hidden tax liabilities in your estate?  Have you safeguarded your family's assets from threats? These are just some of the binary issues many people face. We look to put all the pieces together for select clients with an understanding your unique situation, your short and long term goals, tolerance for risk, and the way your wealth is currently structured. From there we created a customized strategy designed to provide consistent returns while minimizing risk.


We pride ourselves on providing exemplary service. The difference between having average and above average results with your financial strategies can really come down to regularly scheduled communication combined with a system to bring timely adjustment recommendations to your attention. We constrain the number of clients we work with to ensure a high quality of personal interaction.

Consistent Performance

Our clients rely on their investments to be stable. The timing and extent of negative returns can have a lasting impact on the security of a family's nest egg. That is why our investment strategy provides for complete independence to select from carefully screened investment alternatives, management teams with proven track records, income buffers for down markets, and a realization for how emotions and investor behaviour impact real life returns. Combined with full access to the insight and resources of a team of experts at BMO Financial Group,  we employ a process that combines these critical elements to help ensure that your returns will be consistent enough to fund your most important lifetime financial goals. We also build in protective layers for market volatility so that short term market shocks will not lead you to worry about your long term plan.