Your accounts are custom designed and monitored locally. Frequent personal contact with your portfolio manager ensures comfort and control, unlike mass customized, off-shelf investment programs.
The ability to manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis allows us to make timely changes to your portfolios, unlike laborious, must-call-every-client advice providers.

A transparent, competitive, fee-based structure facilitates full investment flexibility, unlike commission-based advisors with potential for the perception of conflict of interest.

We ensure prompt service and resolve any issues or questions.

We strive to construct and make adjustments to your portfolio to avoid wide market swings, unlike less structured advice providers who rely on a passive buy-and-hold philosophy.

We employ a process and discipline to make changes to your portfolios, unlike other advice providers who may hesitate to sell an under-performing security, or overlook opportunities.

Together with our partners at BMO Private Wealth we provide seamless investment and banking services to ensure peace of mind for your finances.

Providing professional advice and peace of mind investing since 1998.