Our Values


Our Core Beliefs:


  • A wealth management plan is imperative in order to minimize emotional decision making and to measure progress towards your goals.

  • A disciplined investment process, consistently applied, will mitigate your risk and provide financial reward, over time.

  • Regular review of the wealth management plan ensures relevancy as your financial reality evolves.

  • Our transparent and understood fee is fair to all concerned.

  • The Edgell Wealth Advisory Team provides peace of mind. This is the result of taking control of your finances.


What Makes Us Different?

We are consistent, accessible, precise and we keep things simple!

The Edgell Wealth Advisory Team is committed to providing customized, tax aware strategies through its personal, pension-style wealth management process. Always accessible and backed by industry-leading technology and research, the team has the people, the experience, and the dedication to deliver the confidence that results from clients taking control of their financial future.