Client Testimonials

'Given my present situation, I initially expressed my concerns to Mr. Knight. He planned my investments very cautiously to match my personal situation and has always kept me feeling fully informed and knowledgeable about my investment portfolio. Understanding that I did not have prior knowledge with investing, Mr. Knight addressed me very courteously and fully explained all concepts and any changes he intended to make. I felt there was a great level of transparency between Mr. Knight and myself. I have always felt very confident with Adam managing my investment portfolio. Whenever I had a question or concern, Mr. Knight or someone from his team addressed it promptly, putting my mind at ease.'


'I was referred to you when I received a lump-sum payment from my ex-husband's pension plan. I considered myself part of the 'don't have a clue' group. With so many investment options, I was totally confused. I knew I had to play if safe as I needed enough money to last through retirement. You ran me through the financial planning basics before zeroing in on where I should be investing with minimal risk.

I am so happy with the way you designed my portfolio and with the results. You have made it easy for me and it's good to know I'm in good hands. I trust your judgement and expert knowledge completely and I now have confidence in my financial future.'