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Don Foster

Senior Investment Advisor, Financial Planner

Tel: 604-631-2611
Toll Free: 1800-663-0242
Fax: 604-669-3824

Don Foster

885 West Georgia Street
18th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8

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Registered Accounts

Learn about the details of Registered Accounts.

"Make Your Money Work As Hard As You Do
A special RRSP Season Issue full of ideas on how to maximize your retirement income.

Understanding RRSP Rules
If you want to maximize the benefits of an RRSP it is important to have a basic understanding of the regulations that govern them.

RRSP Maturity Options
A review of RRSP maturity options best suited to your needs.

Locked-In Retirement Vehicles
The locking in of pension benefits is an important concept, vested pension plans provide you with an opportunity to transfer your pension to another locked-in registered plan.

RIF Payout Schedule
A review of the formula that determines the amounts you must withdraw from your Registered Retirement Income Fund each year.

RESP's and Cda Education Savings Grant
This article reviews the basic RESP rules and outlines the main features of the CESG.

The RESP Book
A comprehensive overview of Registered Education Plans.

Advantages of a Self Directed RIF
This article show cases the ways to transfer your RRSP assets into a Self-directed Retirement Fund in the ideal way to maintain maximum flexibility and control over your retirement funds.

RRIF's- Tips and Considerations
A comprehensive overview of Registered Retirement Income Funds.

RRSP's-Saving Tips & Strategies
A comprehensive overview of Registered Retirement Savings Plans.